What is even a button???? (and some new functionality)

Big news!

Project groups in Berlin are growing in popularity, and some groups are even finding that they are at full capacity! (not us though... don't worry, we're always looking for new members). This means that we've had to implement a new feature called.... drumroll......: full. That's right, if you are in a project group and your group is FULL, and you no longer want to accept new members, stroll on over to your group's edit page and click the full checkbox. A little badge will be set on your group on the index page informing people that your group is full. It also stops people from joining your group.

Despite sounding quite simple, the implementation threw us through a bit of a loop. It all had to do with what buttons were shown when. For example: if the group is full, do we show the join group buttons? Do we show the sign up buttons? Does the button know it's a button? WHAT IS EVEN A BUTTON?

Yes, this is ridiculous, but asking "is this even a button??" was of huge help to us, and we even made a method called this to help us out. We also did it all TDD (#tildrivendevelopment).

So check it out, close your group... and then please open it again unless you're REALLY closed.

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