The bumpy road to sign in with GitHub

Once upon a time a rubycorn started a feature. This feature was harddddd. Six months later, the other rubycorns managed to finalize the feature. The End.

But a lot of things happened during those six months. Most notably, two of us tried to deploy the feature, failed miserably (due to secret keys), rolled back, and deployed the latest stable version. Turns out though, we didn't properly roll back the production database, so the attributes we needed for the GitHub feature (provider and uid), were still in there when we tried to re-deploy the fixed GitHub feature just last week. They shouldn't have been, so our production database was complaining about our new attributes already being in there, refused to migrate, and our deployment was halted. What to do!?

Well, after some humming an hawing, (and of course some failed attempts at other things) some inventive rubycorns decided to do some very dangerous things on the production server that one should probably never do. We created a migration file directly on production, which removed those two attributes. We ran the migration, and thankfully it worked. We then deleted the file (to remove all possible traces of our dastardly deed), and re-deployed. This solved our problem, and now, the new sign in with GitHub feature is here!

If you already have an account you can click the link on your profile page to connect your account with GitHub. If you don't have an account yet, just sign in with Github!

The sad news is, that in the process we kind of lost the country data of some users.... Sorry! But you can add them again now, and we'll do our best not to delete them again :D

(this was us a lot over the last few months)

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