Slugs 'n Sloths 'n Unicorns oh my!

Many things have been happening in rubycorn land: our babycorns have grown up (sniff!), new corns have joined, and we are slowly growing. We have also been making some new additions to the app, most importantly perhaps:

  1. Slugs! Groups and blogposts are now slugtastic. If your groups is NOT sluggified, it means your group has an error, and you should go to the edit group page to fix it.
  2. Groups have new required fields: email, city, and country. Please fill these in!
  3. There's a new learning resources section for groups. If you go to edit your group, you'll see that there's a spot to add your favourite learning resources. We're VERY interested to find out what you use and what is successful for you, as it might be helpful for us too!
  4. There's also been some random refactoring and cleaning up in the admin section. Not super interesting perhaps, but important nonetheless.
  5. We are working on a bunch of new exciting features which will help the Rails Girls community as a whole, and which will also help groups communicate better. Stay tuned!
  6. We have a hashtag. #rubycornsrule.

We have also made some very exciting purchases in the lead up to eurucamp. We don't want to give anything away though. You'll just have to come and see for yourself!

Bis nรคchste mal!

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