New design, new error pages

If you're reading this blogpost, you'll have already seen that we have a new design!

Many thanks to Malwine who made the awesome doodles on our main page and who also spearheaded a lot of the CSS changes. There's still a couple bugs, but no worries, we have issues for them and they will be fixed by August 1st. If you spot something we haven't, please report it on github.

We've also made some custom error messages which are amazing and hilarious. Try and find them, and then be inspired to make your own!

In other non-app related news, Germany won the FIFA world cup, which we over here in Berlin were very excited about. Our project group even got together to watch Germany play against Brazil leading up to the final, which was both incredibly exciting and somewhat shocking. Needless to say, we're all pretty certain that our combined #rubycornpower somehow helped team Germany along their way to FIFA gold.

Yay us.

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