Moar code!

It's Tuesday, which is project group day, so a couple of us are hanging out at the Travis offices workin' on the app.

Over the last few weeks we've been watching copious amount of world championship football (soccer), enjoying occasional bouts of 30+ degrees in Berlin, and of course, writing lots of code.

Changes that have been deployed/soon to be deployed include:

  • lots of tests
  • alphabetization of various things
  • a new design
  • improved CSS
  • added permissions (although if this feature is working you'll never even know it exists!)

Malwine, one of our project group members, will also be presenting our app at this weekend's Rails Girls Hackday in the hopes to get more people to sign up and to also invite some more rubycorns into our group. More rubycorns means a better app, so if you're in Berlin and looking to learn some ruby skillz, please join us!

We're doing some fancy and complicated things over here, so spread the word! Tell your friends to join up and find themselves a project group!

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