Membership Requests are here!

OMG, we just shipped one of our biggest features yet: Membership requests!


Until now you could go to a group's profile and click a button and either be a student or coach of the group. This was regardless of whether or not you contacted a group or ever showed up to one of the meetings. For a lot of groups, this was rather annoying since often they didn't know the person who joined and it's awkward to remove a person from your group if you've never talked or interacted with them.

We've talked about this feature since the very beginning (basically since right after we made joining a group worked at all) but somehow aside from talking, we never managed to get anything done.

New and shiny

Now, instead of clicking a button and being a member, you click a button and request a membership. The group will be notified via their contact email address about the request and a group admin can then approve or decline the request. Notifications are once again sent via email.

Happy coding and studying!

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