Introducing group admins!

We received feedback that giving all members of a group the possibility to edit the group's information is probably not a good idea and not what most people expect.

The good news: we have a fix for that!

We just shipped the group admin feature. Only group admins can edit the group's information and can promote other members of a group to be admins.

How do you become a group admin?

We decided to make all people that are already coaches of a group also be the group's admins. No worries, the coaches can assign the admin role to students as well. Just click the Manage members button on the group profile page.

What if a group doesn't have any coaches? In that case we made all students group admins.

From now on, the person who creates a group will automatically join that group and be its admin.

Thank you for you patience on this!

If you have feedback please open an issue on GitHub.

If you need more of support help (like, our coaches aren't active anymore and we need group admin access) shoot us an email.

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