February hackday

It's been a long time since we introduced some new features to our app. But on the last Rails Girls Berlin hackday we were again hacking on a few neat things. Here is a little overview:

  • Admins can now remove people from a group. This was requested since a few groups had problems with people joining on the app but never actually showing up irl. This is an admin feature which means that not everybody can do it. Just drop us a line and we'll do it.
  • Delete groups. This was also requested since a couple of groups dissolved and formed new groups but we didn't offer a way to remove the old ones.
  • Some statistics on the front page. Just to have and overview over the numbers :)
  • We added a nice easter egg. Try to find it ;)
  • Also bug fixes

As you might have noticed, we now have real domain! RoRganize.it \o/

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