eurucamp & new features

It's been a long and exciting summer. Despite the incredible heat wave here in Berlin, we managed to get some work done, implement new features, and be awesome. Here's a short update:

  1. At the end of July, we gave a lightning talk at eurucamp! It was our first lightning talk as a group, and we rocked it in our unicorn onesies. We talked about what a project group even is, important things to keep in mind when making a project group, and how you can start one too! You can check out the video online here at confreaks (we make an appearance at about 11 min), and the slides here.

  2. Malwine came back to the rubycorns! Welcome back Malwine. We are happy that our lost unicorn has been found, and that she came bearing cake.

  3. We have developed a really cool new feature. We have started cultivating a list of people registered in our app who are willing to be coaches at Rails Girls workshops. This feature was a request from the Rails Girls Summer of Code, and despite not having advertised this, we already have 22 people signed up! This is amazing. Check out the full list of Rails Girls coaches here. At the moment, people can say that they are willing to coach and willing to travel. We are also asking people to enter their cities and countries so that we can better match coaches with Rails Girls groups, and we will soon implement the ability to filter coaches. We're REALLY excited about this and think it's a great way to help out the community. If you're interested in also coaching, head on over to your profile and hit edit. You'll see a whole new form there waiting for you.

  4. We added a code of conduct.

  5. We added a welcome page! Now when you sign up for the app, you're directed to a friendly little page that explains what this app even is and what it even does. If you missed it, don't worry, you can see it here.

  6. We added an 'inactive' badge to groups. Although it breaks our little hearts that sometimes groups stop meeting, we understand that people have other commitments and stressful lives, and sometimes project groups just don't fit in. If this is the case for you, you can set your group as 'inactive'. That way people will know that they shouldn't just show up at your meeting place anymore, because well, you won't be there.

Phew, is that it? We think so....

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