RubyTuesdays - Phase 1


Level: Beginner and intermediate

We will start as a Ruby learning group on Tuesday 18th October 2016 at 6.30pm. The group will meet in two blocks of appointments.

The first block of 10 sessions, each Tuesday at 6.30pm from 18 October to 20 December 2016 will cover the basics of pure Ruby. This block is suitable for total beginners.

The second block of 10 sessions will be each Tuesday at 6.30pm from 31st January to 4th April 2017. This block will cover Game Programming with Ruby and will take the form of a long-term project. Some knowledge of Ruby (such as gained from the first block) is necessary. Please, write a short email to, if you plan to attend part II of our course. Thx.

This is a female group only.

Please signup here and register as a student of this group. Also join our mailing list on!forum/ruby-tuesdays to receive all the infos and updates regarding this group.

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