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Level: new-ish and intermediate-ish mixed. Beginners welcome!

Rubycorns will be on hiatus from Tuesday 10th December 2019 until the second week of January 2020. We'll meet normally in the new year. Come back to this page in the first week of 2020 for an update on when the next meeting will be

We decide spontaneously what to do - often we work on rorganize (this website) adding features and fixing issues, sometimes Tobi gives a little talk about a specific topic, sometimes we just experiment.

Open to everyone who identifies as a women. Newcomers welcome!

Please note: our meeting place varies, join our googlegroup or follow us on twitter for updates. Currently our meeting place is:

Marley Spoon It's in Hinterhof 2. Follow signs for My Muesli, and come up the stairwell with Marley Spoon sign. There is a big Marley Spoon sign on the door, of the third floor.

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