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There are so many awesome learner groups in Berlin and was hoping to find or create one in Hamburg :D

Status: We just had our first meeting. Ideally, we would have more coaches and more active learners! It's not too late - now is the best time to join!

Level of group: The current members have had their hands on ruby code before and are looking for learning more & working hands-on on a project.

However, this is not a requirement - we are more than happy for anyone who's just getting started. Come along and we'll set you up for our journey into the world of code.

Language: We started the group in English but we have coaches who speak German, too! / Wir haben die Gruppe in Englisch gestartet, aber die meisten coaches bzw. Mitglieder sprechen auch deutsch.

How to attend: Please let us by mail or twitter if you're interested in attending and we can send out more concrete details! Please bring your laptop if you have one available; we might also be able to provide practise devices (if you like, contact us in advance about this). Also, you are welcome to pass this invite along to any and everyone!

Hope to talk soon!

For meetings as well as online interactions, we have a code of conduct. Please make sure you've read and understood it; we're more than happy to answer your related questions:

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