About us and this App


Who are the Rubycorns?

The Rubycorns are a Berlin based RailsGirls study group meeting every Tuesday.

RoRganize.it is an app that we developed to learn Ruby and Rails.

We wrote this code with ♥.

The app's design and logo was created by the wonderful Justine. Thank you!!!!

RoRganize.it is published under the open source AGP License. You can find the source code on Github.

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What is RoRganize.it?

RoRganize.it is an app to find local study groups.

You can find groups or start your own, or find other students or coaches.

Do you offer courses? Can I subscribe?

We do not offer courses of any sort.

What are study groups?

Study groups are self organized and volunteer run groups of people who want to learn to code.

They usually meet weekly but that can vary from group to group.

The concept of study groups can to be after a RailsGirls Berlin workshop. The attendees wanted to keep learning together.

This is also how the Rubycorns met.

This is why most study groups focus on attendees who identify as women. But also this varies from group to group.

We have no insight or influence in what groups do, how they're run and how they organize themselves.

You need to find this out for yourself.

How do I find a group?

Head over to the groups page and use the filter to search for study groups meeting near you.

You can also start your own!

How can I join a group?

On a group's detail page you can find information on where and when a group meets.

It's nice to drop the group a line to announce you're coming so that they can prepare for new people.

If you plan on joining the group permanently consider clicking the 'Join group' button.

RoRganize is growing, and we're always adding new features.

Do you have an idea on how to improve RoRganize.it?

Open a ticket in our issue tracker on GitHub.

If you need a group deleted or other administrative actions just send us an email!

Send us an email